Minor Maintenance

Boards of Trustees receive funding directly from the Ministry of Education as part of their operations grant to carry out minor maintenance. This generally covers interior/exterior painting, and repairs rather than complete replacement. The key to deciding if a particular work is capital/major maintenance rather than maintenance is the size or volume change - a capital work is a substantial upgrade or complete replacement to existing property; or, indeed, it is the creation of new property. For a particular item of work to be a capital work the asset must be beyond repair and need replacing or upgrading and the project must be a large one, such as a building or replacing an entire roof. The dollar value guideline (in the table below) is additional to, rather than a  replacement of the above descriptive explanation - for example, painting is the largest maintenance cost a Board of Trustees faces and painting a school will be in the range of $10,000 - $70,000 depending on the size of the school. Painting work associated with remodelling/modernisation capital works within the footprint of existing buildings is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees. Boards of Trustees are funded by the Crown, through the operations grant, for painting and are required to make provision for the cyclical painting of all school buildings.


Minor Maintenance is: Major Maintenance/Capital is:
Repair work undertaken by the school to prevent the asset deteriorating further Work undertaken by the Proprietor as part of the major maintenance programme
All maintenance which is expected to occur within a 10-year cycle

All maintenance to the asset which would occur outside of the 10-year cycle

Examples: Examples:
Interior/exterior painting; including pre-paint maintenance Complete roof replacement
Repairs to fixed floor coverings, vinyl, carpet Complete resurfacing of a hard courts, driveways, fencing
Repairs to electrical, plumbing, underground systems Complete replacement of electrical, plumbing, drainage
Repairs to water heaters, stoves, light fittings Complete replacement of window facades
Repairs to driveways, hard courts, fencing Complete replacement of heating plant
Repairs to roofing, spouting, down pipes Complete replacement of floor coverings
Curtain replacement Complete upgrade of toilets and wash areas
Building shelves or building a cupboard for gym equipment Creating new property
Putting in a new window frame or replacing a door Replacing existing property; Remodelling existing property
Cost Guideline: Cost Guideline:
Under $5,000 (excl GST) Over $5,000 (excl GST)