The Catholic Education Office arranges and administers insurance requirements for diocesan schools' integrated buildings.


The school Board of Trustees is responsible for insuring the school's contents.


The diocesan insurance brokers are Crombie Lockwood Insurance Brokers.


Insurance Claims



In the Event of an Emergency (during non-working hours)

... for example: serious fire, severe weather related damage, burst water pipes resulting in flooding.

Please Telephone 0800 CLAIM 1 (0800 252 461)

... and a Duty Insurance Loss Adjuster will be appointed to render all possible assistance.


Any event that is likely to give rise to a claim should be reported immediately to:


Crombie Lockwood Insurance Brokers

Telephone: (03) 335 3060

Jan Colenso - (03) 339 7933 or 027 702 4109

Gek-Tuor Kouch - (09) 358 7227 or 027 504 6098


Please also report any event that is likely to give rise to a claim to:


Kay McDonald (Acting Diocesan Insurance Officer)

Telephone: (03) 366 9869

Mobile: 022 328 1854



A Guide to Assist in Lodging a Claim

Take all steps necessary to prevent further loss or damage to property.

Notify Police of any injury or crime related event.

Report loss and complete appropriate claim forms in full. At all times, avoid late notification and ensure that all Third Party details are obtained.

Institute repairs on instructions from Brokers, insurers or assessor if one is appointed. The Diocesan Insurance Officer, Stewart Rae (telephone 366 9869), will assist when required.

Forward repair invoices and relevant documentation to the Brokers or if necessary, to Stewart Rae at the Diocesan office.

Do not admit liability even if pressed to do so.


Minimise the Risk - Actions to protect your school during holiday periods

Fully check the security of all buildings and make sure all windows are secured and doors locked.

Ensure that all taps or water sources are turned off and make sure any damaged or broken windows are repaired.

Remove or immobilise all "wheelie bins" or other portable equipment.

Ensure the monitored intruder alarm is set and operational.

Lock all valuable portable equipment especially computers, videos, TV's and audio items away in a secure, monitored room. Do not leave in sight of any would be burglars.

Ensure all external gates are locked (if possible) but also make sure you know who has the keys in case the Fire Service needs access.

Ask any friendly neighbours to keep an eye on the school and ask the local Police to "drive by" occasionally and update your list of all telephone numbers of all staff in case of an emergency.

Ensure all electrical appliances are turned off preferably fully unplugged.

Keep building exteriors clear of combustible materials. For example, get rid of rubbish bins attached to buildings. Go for free standing bins attached to posts. Ensure rubbish skips are emptied prior to the holiday period and ensure rubbish skips are well away from school buildings. Ensure there is no rubbish piled against the outside of buildings or under verandahs.


During the holidays

Ensure some responsible person - principal, parent, teacher, employee or security company - regularly checks the school grounds during the day, at night and on weekends.

Discourage any use of the grounds by any skateboarders or others.

Ensure use of any school swimming pool is monitored and adults are in attendance. Enforce key/access control.

Make sure school grounds are still maintained (e.g. lawns mowed) to avoid looking abandoned.

Have a "telephone tree" of people to contact in case of any disaster during the holidays (such as the 1990's Kaikoura flood which happened right on Christmas).

Avoid, if possible, having contractors or tradesmen on site, unsupervised, during the holidays.


Indemnity Insurance to Cover the Work of a Limited Statutory Manager (LSM) in Integrated Schools

The Ministry of Education's legal division has asked the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools (APIS) Office to alert Boards of Trustees of Integrated Schools and their Proprietors, about the need to alert the indemnity insurers contracted by Board of Trustees to the issue surrounding the appointment of a Limited Statutory Manager (LSM) in a school.

Now that the law permits Limited Statutory Managers to be appointed to schools who have the powers to direct Boards of Trustees in particular areas of their governance role, it is important that a Board's insurers are aware of this added element of possible indemnity risk, if such an appointment occurs.