Health & Safety Code of Practice

Health and Safety Code of Practice

The Health and Safety Code of Practice published by the Ministry of Education ( describes day to day health and safety requirements and school responsibilities in relation to complying with the Health and Safety in Employment Act. Should a school violate the Act and face prosecution the cost is borne by the Board of Trustees.

Notification of Hazards

The Health and Safety Code of Practice requires Boards of Trustees to identify, eliminate, isolate and or minimise hazards that arise at their schools.

When an existing hazard or potential hazard is identified schools must complete a Hazard Notification Advice Form and forward it to the Catholic Education Office.

Health and Safety Advice Form 140807.pdfHealth and Safety Advice Form 140807.pdf (63.67 KB)

Schools will be notified whether the necessary maintenance is their responsibility or whether it will be funded by the Catholic Education Office.