The Role of a Proprietor's Appointee is to:

  1. Participate fully in Board activities.

  2. Ensure that the school remains a Catholic school, while working closely with the Principal and other Board members.

  3. Ensure that the school fulfils its primary purpose of giving a Catholic education to Catholic children and young people.

  4. Assist in preserving the Catholic character by being aware of relevant Proprietor's policies, and by acquiring knowledge and expertise in the areas which influence Catholic character, in particular, staff appointments, staff relationships, school programmes, student enrolments, the Religious Education programme and for other matters relating to the school's Special Character.

  5. Seek to ensure that the school strives for excellence in all of its endeavours.

  6. Be sensitive to matters of equity and justice, and have respect for different cultural, ethnic and family backgrounds and circumstances.

  7. Support the Religious Education programme and the Director of Religious Studies (DRS).

  8. Be a channel of communication between the school and the Proprietor. Liaising with the Proprietor is particularly important if anything of a serious nature emerges or happens in the school, which could cause the school's effectiveness or eputation to be jeopardised.

  9. Ensure that the Catholic community's property is kept in good order, repair and condition.

  10. Report to the Proprietor, in writing, annually or more often if requested or if the need arises.

  11. Be conscious of the close relationship that needs to exist between the school and the parish Church community, by assisting in fostering that relationship.

  12. Ensure that there is at least one Proprietor's Appointee on any delegated committee dealing with appointment matters relating to teachers. This includes direct involvement in the appointment process when delegated to the Principal.