Tagged Positions

Religious Instruction is evangelisation - it is the passing on of faith, through the ongoing establishment and support of a Christian community which lives out its faith, witnessing to the Gospel in daily action and attitudes. It includes teaching or explaining the doctrines and practices of the faith, not onlythrough Religious Education classes but also through the indirect teaching which occurs through role modelling and witness to Catholic values, behaviour and general Catholic life. All teachers in tagged positions carry out Religious Instruction outside the Religious Education curriculum, and are effective in so far as they contribute to the whole evangelising function of the school, assisting in promoting the faith education of those in the school community. They teach what it means to be human. A teacher who has a clear vision of the Christian milieu and lives in accord with it will be able to help young people develop a similar vision, and will give them the inspiration they need to put it into practice. (The Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School, pp 76-77). Teachers in tagged positions respond to a call: to witness to the Gospel, to continue and deepen their commitment to the Church, to foster Christian community, to seek out ways to serve the Christian community and to continue acquiring the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to communicate the Gospel message effectively.


Section 65 (S65) positions include the Principal, the DRS and all those other tagged positions which require the successful applicant to have the willingness and ability to take part in Religious Instruction approriate to the Special Character of the school.

Here is the S65 form:dox/S65_form_2010(2).pdf

Section 66 (S66) positions makes provision for special positions which have 'tag' wording that differs from the 'tag' wording for S65 positions. In Catholic schools is applied only to the position of Deputy Principal. The 'tag' wording, which is standardised in all Catholic school Intergation Agreements, differs for Primary schools and Secondary schools

Here is the S66 formdox/s66-form.pdf