Inviting Catholics Home

Inviting Catholics Home

Were you raised a Catholic but no longer feel you fully belong, or no longer come to church? Are you wondering about how to come back?


The Catholic Enquiry Centre promotes a wonderful six week programme, entitled "Catholics Reurning Home", for use in New Zealand . The contact details for the Catholic Enquiry Centre:

Catholic Enquiry Centre, 140 Austin St, Mount Victoria, Wellington 6001; Phone: 04 385 8518; Fax: 04 385 8598; Email:; Website:


You may join a group near you where the six sessions take place in a welcoming, safe and non-threatening situation. In these groups you will be helped to rediscover the riches of the Catholic tradition and be given an opportunity to consider becoming active in your faith again.


The Catholics Returning Home programme may be for you if you have let your faith practice slide over the years; you are finding it difficult to come back but feel called back to your Catholic roots; you have questions and/or issues about past experiences; you are keen to update your understanding/knowledge of the Catholic tradition.