The Catholic Institute of Aotearoa New Zealand (TCI)

The Catholic Institute of Aotearoa New Zealand (TCI) is registered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority as a Private Training Establishment under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 and its subsequent amendments. The Christchurch Catholic Education Office is an Administrative Office for the Christchurch  Campus teaching site of TCI .

Head of Student and Business Support (Wellington)
Susan Wilson
Phone: (04) 819 8382

Programme Coodinator (Christchurch)
Wendy Clark
Phone: (03) 353 0757


Recognition of Prior Learning

TCI recognises prior learning and current competency.  Students should complete a form with the required information. This form is available from the programme coordinator in Christchurch. The dean of studies will inform students of the success of their application for recognition of prior learning. An administration fee may apply.

Appeals and Complaints

There is a formal set of procedures in the event of an appeal and/or complaint. This is found in the Policy and Procedures section of TCI's student manual. Where students are not satisfied with the internal and external procedures at the centre, they are advised to contact the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

Student Guidance

Student support and guidance is the responsibility of the programme coordinator, in consultation with the dean of studies at the main campus in Wellington. The programme coordinator is available for student guidance by appointment. Students are encouraged to discuss course options with staff at the beginning of the academic year, but staff will also be available throughout the year to assist students with their academic progress and needs.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities are encouraged to state their disabilities in the enrolment form. This enables the centre to prepare for student needs. Students are also encouraged to discuss this with their lecturers. Confidentiality will be respected at all times.

There are designated parking spaces for people with disabilities at all the teaching sites. Most sites also have facilities for people with disabilities. If students require specific information, they are to contact the programme coordinator.

Attendance at Lectures

Students are encouraged to attend all lectures and may not miss more than one lecture for each course. Please inform the lecturer if you are to be away from a particular lecture. The relevant policy and procedures are can be found in the TCI student manual.


Students are required to complete assessment tasks by the set date. In special circumstances, and at the discretion of the lecturer, extensions may be granted. Procedures on assessment and extensions are in the Policies and Procedures section of the TCI student manual.

A guide to all assessment tasks and criteria is available at the beginning of each course.

It is advisable that students make two copies of all assessment tasks. Students must retain a copy until the lecturer returns marked work.

Copies of students work are kept on record. Permission for this will be asked of students at the beginning of each course.


There is provision for an extension beyond the due date for assignments. Students should follow the procedures in the TCI student manual.


Student texts are moderated internally and externally for each course. Moderation ensures reliability and fairness of marking.

Copies of student texts are also kept in student files for audit purposes. If any students do not wish to have copies of their texts kept on record, they are to discuss this with their class lecturers or with the dean of studies.


The programme coordinator retains student records. Students may view their own academic record on request. A transcript of the students academic record is given at graduation or at the completion of the qualification. An end-of-year student academic transcript is given on request.

Privacy Information

No information regarding students is given out without the students prior permission. Information regarding the disclosure of information to government bodies can be found in the enrolment package. There are policies and procedures on privacy principles. Ask the lecturers or the programme coordinator for more information.

Student Evaluation

Students are invited to complete an evaluation form at the end of each course. Student evaluations are essential as they allow the centre to continue to meet student needs and improve those aspects that students may deem necessary.