Walk By Faith

Walk By Faith  National Centre for Religious Studies (NCRS)


Walk By Faith (www.ncrs.org.nz) is a three-year distance learning course that aims to help people deepen their understanding of and faith in God.

Course Objectives

The course is designed to help you to:

Know and understand your self and your 'story'

Reflect on your experience of yourself in relationship to others and to God.

Know where you are on the journey of faith

Reflect on your experience in the community called Church

Hear the Church's story [Scripture/Tradition]

Celebrate it [Eucharist]

Respond [service]

Course Structure

Each study year is divided into six themes and each theme covers six weeks of study. Assignments provide opportunity for personal reflection on the themes and readings


A tutor will comment on your assignments and your final project will be moderated by a national panel.

Delivery Method

Participants receive study guides and reading lists.

Each year there are two weekend seminars and each theme has a tutorial meeting.


Course Content

The themes covered include:

Our religious situation in daily life

Images of God

The gift of God in creation

Exodus Covenant: an introduction to the Old Testament

The good News of Jesus Christ

My life a journey to wholeness

The Church facing society in Aotearoa New Zealand


The Study guides provide key readings.

Required books may be bought or borrowed


Contact NCRS for an Enrolment Form: www.ncrs.org.nz