Annual Report to the Proprietor

Annual Report (from the Proprietor's Appointees) to the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch (the Proprietor of all diocesan schools)

The annual internal review report to the Proprietor, from the Proprietor's Appointees, is required to be forwarded to the Bishop in December of each year.

The annual internal review report to the Proprietor consists of the Board's internal self-review report on one of the three dimensions of the Catholic Special Character Review and Development document. The cycle of review reporting to the Proprietor is found in the table below.

In stating that the annual internal review report is from the Proprietor's Appointees to the Proprietor, the Bishop is very much aware that the process of review involves consultation with the school community, and that the compilation/writing of such reports is a collaborative exercise. Such a collaborative exercise in compiling/writing of the annual internal review report would require, at the very least, the Principal (and for much of the internal review report, the Director of Religious Studies) working with the Proprietor's Appointees, in order to produce a comprehensive internal review for the Proprietor, the Board of Trustees, and the school community.

The Bishop does realise that December is a hectic time of year and your Board may be waiting to receive its end-of-year internal self-review report until its first Board meeting in the new calendar year. If this is the case, Proprietor's Appointees are required to forward this report to the Bishop by 1 March of the new calendar year.

By way of reminder, the calendar for internal review reports will be according to the following three-year cycle:


Dimension for Internal Review and Report to the Proprietor and to the School Community


Catholic Community


Pastoral Care


Religious Education


Catholic Community


Pastoral Care 


Religious Education