Statutory Requirements


Compliances Required of Boards of Trustees

Specific practical compliances: The questions in the attached pdf file (below) and detailed in the texbelow are designed to assist Boards of Trustees and school administrators in determining how well they are complying with their legal obligations in respect of the Catholic Special Character dimension of their schools as well as the implementation of the principles inherent in the Special Character statement of the Integration Agreement. These obligations include the formulation and maintenance of systems and procedures to ensure that the Proprietor can readily implement his/her legal rights and responsibilities as they relate to the Catholic Special Character.

The Proprietor of an Integrated school shall

(a) Continue to have the responsibility to supervise the maintenance of the education with a Special Character provided by the school;

(b) Continue to have the right to determine from time to time what is necessary to preserve and safeguard the Special Character of the education provided by the school and described in the integration agreement. [Private Schools Conditional Integration Act, section 3(3)]




Please Note: The annual Compliance attestation report, in respect of the Catholic Special Character compliances required of Boards of Trustees, is required to be forwarded to the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch (the Proprietor of all diocesan schools) in July of each year.