Chaplaincy in Catholic Secondary Schools

These guidelines are the result of a series of meetings and consultation documents on the matter of chaplaincy within the Catholic secondary school setting. This document has been prepared in response to a perceived need for greater clarity regarding terminology and the various roles carried out by those involved in secondary school chaplaincy - a work of pastoral ministry carried out primarily within the school community.

Chaplaincy is a ministry of the Church, and as such it requires the mandate of the Bishop of the Diocese. These guidelines have been approved by the Bishop of Christchurch.

All schools are urged to commit to the contents of this document and give these guidelines due consideration as they develop and implement their own job/position descriptions, policies and procedures on chaplaincy within their Catholic secondary school community.

A copy of the guidelines document for pastoral and priest chaplaincy services in Catholic secondary schools is attached below:

Pastoral and Priest Chaplains Final Diocesan Guidelines 030407.pdfPastoral and Priest Chaplains Final Diocesan Guidelines 030407.pdf (86.90 KB)