Master of Religious Education

The Catholic Institute of Theology (CIT) is licensed to conduct this degree from the Australian Catholic University. This professional degree is offered for teachers and in particular for those in leadership roles in Catholic schools.

This degree is offered on a part-time basis. Students can take 2 years or longer to complete. Students attend teaching components at summer school in January and winter school in July each year. Each of the eight units has a written assessment of 5,000 words. It is possible to start the degree in either January or July.

Some reasons why you might consider studying towards the Master of Religious Education:

  • Gain a professional education degree
  • Enrich your knowledge of Religious Education and Theology
  • Study the latest developments in Religious Education
  • Understand the context in which Religious Education is taught in Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • Develop skills in the teaching of Religious Education
  • Prepare yourself for leadership roles in Religious Education
  • Secure a graduate qualification towards career advancement

The degree consists of eight papers (units). To satisfy the requirements for the award of the degree, candidates must complete four units from the Religious Education units, a minimum of two units from the MA Theological Studies course), and two further units from the Religious Education list or from the MA Theological Studies, or from other approved programmes at this level such as Leadership units (taught at the Wellington Catholic Education Centre) or Research Methods.

Units will be selected by CIT each year from among the following:

Religious Education:

  • EDRE 621 History and Theories in RE
  • EDRE 622 Cultural Contexts of RE
  • EDRE 623 Curriculum and Co-ordination in RE
  • EDRE 624 Curriculum in RE
  • EDRE 625 Contemporary Issues in RE
  • EDRE 626 Faith, Moral Development and Values Education
  • EDRE 627 Social Justice and RE
  • EDRE 628 Creative Arts and RE
  • EDRE 629 Spirituality and the Religious Educator
  • EDRE 639 RE in the Faith Community
Theological Studies:
  • THEO 602  Biblical Narrative as Theology
  • THEO 611 Theology of sacraments
  • THEO 615 New Testament Christology
  • THEO 617 Biblical Interpretation
  • THEO 624 Theology and Contemporary Thought
  • THEO 629 Issues in Liturgical Studies
  • THEO 631 Issues in Systematic Theology
  • THEO 632 Jesus in Judaism
  • THEO 633 Special Study: Christian Spirituality
  • THEO 636 Prophetic and Wisdom Literature
  • THEO 643 Women and the Church
  • THEO 647 Issues in Christian Ethics
  • THEO 648 History and Development of the Church
  • THEO 649 Revelation and Tradition
  • THEO 650 Theological Perspectives of the Bible
  • THEO 654 The Letters of Paul
  • THEO 655 History of the Church in Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • THEO 675 A Synoptic Gospel: Matthew
For further information and/or an application form contact Lyn Birch, Catholic Institute of Theology, Newman Hall, 16 Waterloo Quadrant, Auckland 1001; email:; phone: 09 379 6424 extn 734; fax: 09 379 6426).